Sunday, March 13, 2011

When the TD-SCDMA WCDMA experience

That morning, W, Mr. and Mr. T meet in front of the International Organization for Standardization.

Mr. T Chunfengmanmian, active call, Mr. W.

Mr. W smiled, "It looks pretty good test."

"I have heard into the review period."

"I was defeated, will keep on fighting." W, Mr. T, Mr. pat on the shoulder, and left.

With the national standard, how come such a big gap between what?

I asked Mr. W, "which is quite big ah!"

I asked Mr. T, "because in the interval of a European."

Struggle against international standards, with U.S. companies and the government contest the results.

TD's struggle is the game three of which contain in Europe. We are competing in Europe and the United States in the butt in., China supports WCDMA, Europe to support TD-SCDMA, Siemens was formed a strategic alliance with Datang. Mr. T said, nothing is eternal, the market can rival the most intimate ally. Because of the interest.

The only struggle WAPI United States against each other, less a European, showing the strength of our poor. Although most European countries chose to abstain in the vote.

Do not know who said that the essence of the standard benefit.

WAPI and the difference in the treatment of TD-SCDMA, reflects the interests of manufacturing and operation industry. WAPI path, the Chinese people to reflect the most traditional things very thoroughly, from the beginning Woli Dou, has been fighting to a foreigner before, and we are not united themselves. TD-SCDMA has also taken a very hard long way, than WAPI Fortunately, TD only one interest group, the voice of the outside interest groups is consistent. Mobile communication is the core industry of electronic communications industry is a trillion industry. WAPI at present only a supplement to wired networks, it is important that low-cost WLAN innate equipment manufacturers will not be sought after. The promoter is Datang TD, WAPI promoters are western electric Jetto.

Technological innovation is often the most active small and medium enterprises, are some personal invention, and large enterprises pay more attention to large industrial. WAPI is a bit small business innovation and solve the crucial problem, but only a small and weak groups alone. Although defeated, still keep on fighting. Its advanced technology and familiar with international rules, it has never given up the struggle with the United States.

Mr. W, I was born great, to die with honor, at least not yet dead. Jetto, we will continue to fight. Why did it Jetto, but not others? This is the fate of pioneers. Government procurement of foreign ministries unite to make WAPI haze in the state came out, when the fragmentation of international standards, at least we can advance in the country, at least we have place out of gas.
Mr. W, who said there must be European?

Mr. T, now the gap has been small.

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