Friday, October 22, 2010

Test emergency response capacity of cities: urban emergency on the road

April 1999, Premier Zhu Rongji when he was invited to visit the Chicago 911 center, Zhu Rongji that the U.S. 911 emergency system is a modern symbol of the city, he said Chicago Mayor Daley saying: "I hope you can The modern facilities introduced to China. "In the same year in October, Mayor Lin Guoqiang Shuaidui visit Nanning Chicago.

After nearly a year of deliberation, in May 2002, Nanning City Emergency Response System put into operation, this is our country into the first set of city emergency response system, China emergency systems Swagger excited to catch this opened the curtain.

In 2003, a public health emergency - SARS from spreading, the sting of people's nerves, but also tortured with a social response to sudden crisis, determination and ability. Since then, a series of strike out: in May, "Public Health Emergency Ordinance" published; in July, the state proposes to speed up construction of public emergency response mechanism to major issues, the State Council has set up a "setting up the public Events Working Group on Emergency Plan "; in September," Beijing contingency plan for SARS Prevention "published; Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places began to build linkage system.

Then in 2004, a provincial city emergency response focus of the work, in just two or three months, many cities are beginning to be launched emergency response.

January 2005, "the overall national public emergency contingency plan" allowed to pass through. July 22 ~ 23, the State Council held a national work conference on emergency management, emergency management in China include the regular, institutional and legal work of track.

January 8, 2006, the State Council issued "the overall national public emergency contingency plan", the State Council, relevant departments have prepared a special plan for national and sectoral plans; all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the provincial public emergency contingency plans in general have been completed.

In the same year in May, the State Department Office of Emergency Management (State Department duty officer's office) was established.

In recent days, according to information from the State Administration of Work Safety, in 2006, China has formulated contingency plans for more than 1.35 million pieces of various provinces (regions and municipalities) 97.9% of the city (prefecture) and 92.8% of the counties (cities) to develop overall emergency plan. Central business plan to develop up to 100%, most scale enterprises in high-risk industries have developed contingency plans. National Emergency Plan system has taken shape.

According to the China Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, director of the Center for Public Safety Research Professor Fan Weicheng, our country's emergency response system has been taking the forefront in developing countries, compared with developed countries, technically still a gap, but it must be able to catch up.

Impressive is gratifying, but facing a serious situation, we must be more forward.

Look at the focus of news since 2006, you will find that the Keywords: bird flu, took the lead Qi two drug counterfeiting drugs, a large area of Urumqi, stop heating, natural gas leak in Chongqing Kai County, encountered a wide range of cyanobacteria, Wuxi, Chongqing and many other cities subjected to flooding ... ... every outbreak of public emergency, are a test of the affordability of a city, but also warned that we can not have a shred of slack.

A local information office is responsible for building the city emergency response system, the person in charge has disclosed to the media throughout the emergency management office now has been established or are preparing to set up, the state also requires the establishment of cities throughout the emergency management system as soon as possible, "but the mode, choose any system, we have some confusion. we've been to Nanning, Yangzhou city to inspect, but after all, every city has its own situation, can not completely copy, how to come out of their way, we are actively exploring them. "

Recently, the "China Computer Newspaper," was held in the city emergency management roundtable forum, experts, enterprises and users around the city emergency management to discuss hot topics and made a city emergency management in the four major problems: how to achieve common and individual characteristics unity, how to promote the integration of emergency response resources, how to achieve industrialization and emergency and non-emergency operation, should the issue of integration. How to solve these problems, is definitely worth trying to find out in practice and innovation.

"Zuo," saying: be prepared, thought is well prepared, be prepared for. City Emergency, we are still on the road.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shanghai IPTV H.264 does not have national significance, 80% of patent trap

September 1, select the H.264 standard IPTV network in Shanghai officially distribute telephone numbers. It is reported that Shanghai IPTV end of this year's goal is to reach 70,000, while the UT Starcom and ZTE were Puxi and Pudong in Shanghai, received 51 000 and 39 000 H.264 network construction projects.

However, during the trial commercial IPTV in Shanghai, basically MPEG4 set-top boxes are used, while the full transition will be H.264. In the past, the commercial phase of the trial, UT Starcom also offers products based on MPEG4, H.264 standard used for This time, UT Starcom say: "UT Starcom products MPEG2, MPEG4, H. 264 other codec standards are transparent and support the AVS standard domestic same. "

AVS is China with independent intellectual property rights of second-generation source coding standard. Source coding technology to solve the key problems is that digital audio and video data, the initial mass of data, information source coding problem, in March this year, AVS as the national standard, but the Shanghai IPTV deployment has opted to pay royalties of H.264.

"Shanghai is the central designated IPTV pilot, using both H.264 also in line with national policy, however, the deployment of H.264 Shanghai does not have national significance." AVS Working Group on the Secretary-General, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Huang Tiejun the computer expert, "AVS only be issued this year, product-related tests in progress, and now has a lot of home products were interconnected. "

Huang Tiejun said, AVS industrial chain division is refined, the industrial chain, need time to build, "the end of this year or early next year, AVS commercial system can be introduced, AVS large-scale application of the country is very clear things." At the same time, Huang Tiejun also H.264-mentioned patent issues, before, there have been suggestions that the enterprises use H.264 to pay four million U.S. dollars each year in royalties.

"This statement inadequate, because the four million U.S. dollars only MPEG-LA, a charge the cost of the MPEG-LA patent pool is part of H.264, about 20%, which means there are 80 % of the patent is likely to occur intellectual property costs. "Huang Tiejun said.

Because AVS is China's homegrown standard, so much in royalties on its own advantage. Said Huang Tiejun, H.264 patent fees, there is great risk, to do H.264 Shanghai is only a preliminary exploration of the problem may be royalties will be exposed.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SAP and Sybase Hutch alliance

Mobile device users around the world to create a new SAP Business Suite

The world's leading business software provider SAP AG and the world's leading enterprise and mobile software company Sybase has announced they are joining forces to innovation and change users anytime, anywhere access to critical business information. The two sides were held the banner of innovation work together to create a new SAP? Business Suite software, by SAP? Business Suite and Sybase advanced mobile enterprise application integration software platform to enable SAP? Business Suite's application into the iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and so on. SAP and Sybase development of the two sides share a common goal: To close the software integration between the two sides through a large number of mobile device environments, helping enterprises to easily access critical business applications in the information.

Mobile devices are widely used in the work environment. Today, employees want the road or at home can easily access information, they want the flexibility to use their choice of equipment. SAP and Sybase will work together to help millions of enterprise software users worldwide, operating in the secure mobile access to business applications all the features. Staff can use a large number of mobile devices anytime, anywhere, in a timely manner and make the right judgments about information. As a result, companies can improve employee productivity outside the office.

With the cooperation of both parties, regardless of whether the user is online, all Sybase's business processes using mobile technology, mobile devices directly from the selected access key customer data. Sybase Gartner, recently published in the "mobile enterprise application software platform Magic Quadrant" (December 2008) in the in the "Leaders" quadrant 1, and the sixth consecutive year by IDC named the top leader in the mobile middleware market 2. Sybase will cooperate with SAP to simplify the enterprise application software to mobile devices fast transfer of information and reduce the sales representatives and service personnel to carry out end-user training. Now, mobile workers through the required tools, no matter where routine operational tasks can be carried out immediately. Thus, the overall business productivity and increase work efficiency, costs under control. Sybase to help sales staff access to SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, sales staff can also get in the move and synchronize business applications the latest customer information, so seamless execution of customer transactions and business process integration and business . Both cooperation and innovation will provide new SAP Business Suite, to help modern society in moving the process of labor to provide excellent service to customers.

"The cooperation is the inevitable trend of the industry, because the current has taken more and more enterprises expect the pace of enterprise mobility." IDC mobile and telecommunications projects, said Stephen Drake, vice president, "even though speeds faster and faster, moving equipment, computing power has also been strengthened, the application software is concerned, there are still many fundamental questions restrict enterprise IT to maximize business mobility. With its leading position in their respective markets, SAP, and Sybase is the market only dedicated to the rapid optimization of enterprise systems to mobile devices, providing higher efficiency and application software vendors. "

"We see increasingly widespread use of mobile devices, which changed the world of information and applications the user interactively." Sybase Chairman, CEO and President John Chen says. "In today's society, wireless users with more extensive information exchange and collaboration, access and other capabilities. In order to effectively promote this in the enterprise-wide experience, we need an open, standardized platform program, in a variety of applications and interfacing between equipment assets. Sybase and SAP's cooperation in fusion of the world's most popular business applications software, and today's market the most advanced mobile middleware platform, will allow us closer to the 'Unwired Enterprise' goal. "

"Our customers need access to mature in the mobile business process applications, so feel free to contact our customers, suppliers, partners and employees, so as to promote innovation and improve efficiency." SAP AG executive board member Bill McDermott, President Global Operations Review , "SAP is committed to helping customers adapt to business changes, and from our leading solutions and a broad network of partners to maximize the benefit. co-operation with Sybase, we will move the workers in the modern equipment of their choice to provide the the tools needed to facilitate their business functions anytime, anywhere use, reflecting the value of time and efficiency. "

Meanwhile, the European large-scale systems integrators and Sybase T-Systems will work together to help SAP end users easy access to the new SAP Business Suite and mobile business processes and application software.

"For a long time, we carried out good cooperation Sybase, for the business development and value for customers, and we're very excited." T-Systems in ICT operations executive board member Olaf Heyden, said, "T- SAP Systems is Europe's leading outsourcer, uses SAP software and services to end-users up to one million, most of them also use Sybase technology. bilateral cooperation will be further required to meet and resolve customers: enterprises using a variety of devices mobility. "

SAP and Sybase have started developing more mobile devices, mobile applications available for collection, which will help customers in the SAP enterprise application software investments to achieve greater efficiency.

About this announcement for more information, please visit Watch 3 鏈?11 鏃? 12:00 pm (EDT) radio broadcast network. You can also visit, view the partnership highlights and product demonstration video.

A mobile enterprise application software platform Magic Quadrant, published date: December 18, 2008, published one: William Clark and Michael J. King, ID Number: G00162969.

2 "Global Mobile Middleware 2008-2012 Forecast and 2007 Vendor Shares" (IDC # 215391,2008 12 months)

About Sybase

Sybase is a global leader in enterprise and mobile software company focused on information management, analysis, and mobile. No matter what systems, networks and devices, we are globally recognized in the data-intensive applications with outstanding performance leader. After 25 years of development, information management, analysis, and enterprise mobility solutions has been the world's financial services, communications, manufacturing and government business-critical systems to provide power. For more information, visit the Sybase Web site in China:

About SAP

SAP is the world's leading provider of business software, application software and services to help its more than 25 industries from various scale enterprise development is the best company. The company has more than 120 countries around the world more than 82,000 customers, is the number of stock exchange listed companies, including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE under the ticker symbol "SAP". For more information, visit

Sybase is the United States Sybase, Inc. Or its affiliates. ? On behalf of the trademark has been registered in the U.S.. All other company or product names mentioned may be the counterpart are trademarks of their respective companies.


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