Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shanghai IPTV H.264 does not have national significance, 80% of patent trap

September 1, select the H.264 standard IPTV network in Shanghai officially distribute telephone numbers. It is reported that Shanghai IPTV end of this year's goal is to reach 70,000, while the UT Starcom and ZTE were Puxi and Pudong in Shanghai, received 51 000 and 39 000 H.264 network construction projects.

However, during the trial commercial IPTV in Shanghai, basically MPEG4 set-top boxes are used, while the full transition will be H.264. In the past, the commercial phase of the trial, UT Starcom also offers products based on MPEG4, H.264 standard used for This time, UT Starcom say: "UT Starcom products MPEG2, MPEG4, H. 264 other codec standards are transparent and support the AVS standard domestic same. "

AVS is China with independent intellectual property rights of second-generation source coding standard. Source coding technology to solve the key problems is that digital audio and video data, the initial mass of data, information source coding problem, in March this year, AVS as the national standard, but the Shanghai IPTV deployment has opted to pay royalties of H.264.

"Shanghai is the central designated IPTV pilot, using both H.264 also in line with national policy, however, the deployment of H.264 Shanghai does not have national significance." AVS Working Group on the Secretary-General, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Huang Tiejun the computer expert, "AVS only be issued this year, product-related tests in progress, and now has a lot of home products were interconnected. "

Huang Tiejun said, AVS industrial chain division is refined, the industrial chain, need time to build, "the end of this year or early next year, AVS commercial system can be introduced, AVS large-scale application of the country is very clear things." At the same time, Huang Tiejun also H.264-mentioned patent issues, before, there have been suggestions that the enterprises use H.264 to pay four million U.S. dollars each year in royalties.

"This statement inadequate, because the four million U.S. dollars only MPEG-LA, a charge the cost of the MPEG-LA patent pool is part of H.264, about 20%, which means there are 80 % of the patent is likely to occur intellectual property costs. "Huang Tiejun said.

Because AVS is China's homegrown standard, so much in royalties on its own advantage. Said Huang Tiejun, H.264 patent fees, there is great risk, to do H.264 Shanghai is only a preliminary exploration of the problem may be royalties will be exposed.

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