Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watch cool mechanical picture production process

1. Open a head of the image, such as (Figure 1), the actual production in the absence of such images, then you can find a side face and a positive face to be put together combinations.

Figure 01

2. With the pen tool to outline the contours of head, then the path into constituencies, some of the selected picture to copy and paste, in order to facilitate the description, the first layer to give a name, called 'first one'. After the completion of a new layer above the background layer, named 'black background' and fill this layer with black. Of course, you can also choose another color fill, and I chose black because the black are more filled with mystery. Filling is complete, return to 'first one' layer, the implementation of the menu - Image - Adjust - Curves, adjust the color of the head is dark, dark look at the degree as long as the head of the neck part of the neck of the color adjustment, almost in the black it can be , and the local can not adjust to the dark areas also can be coated with a slightly better tool to deepen the color on it (Figure 2).

Figure 02

3. The next thing to do is to be handled face skin smooth, is quite a simple tool to add a few filters and some mixed-mode can be done, first 'head an' a copy layer as' the first one copy 'layer, the implementation of the menu - filter - variegated - the middle value, the radius is set to 12 pixels or so (Figure 3) so the face looks relatively smooth, but after this treatment, "the eyes, nose" child and other parts of the face also will blur together, and do not worry, let them show up the next step.

Figure 03

4. Select the eraser tool to brush size is set to facilitate the erasure of the size, the size does not matter, as long as you can to facilitate their operation, and then set the eraser's opacity to 20% of those in the face such as "eyes, mouth, nose," and other major components rubbed Department to make 'head an' layer in the clear "eyes, nose," and some other exposed (Figure 4).

Figure 04

5. Rubbed After the 'first one' layer with the 'head a copy of the' layers into a single 'head a copy of the' layer. The front to face the following metal feeling, first with a combined 'first one copy' to copy a layer for the 'head a copy of the 2' layer, the implementation of the menu - filter - stylized - light edge, the edge width set to 1, the edge of the brightness set to 20, then the smoothness set to 15. Upon completion, such as (Figure 5). Illuminate the edge of the filter after the completion of the edge in the picture, such as the chin on both sides of head formation of white spots, you can use the eraser tool to erase the day shift.

Figure 05

6. The 'head a copy of the 2' layer of the mixed mode is changed to the screen, and as step 4, as with the eraser tool in the 'head a copy of the 2' layer of the "eyes, nose, mouth," and other parts of clean, completed after the implementation of the menu - Image - adjust - to color. Such as (Figure 6).

Figure 06


7. Now people can see the faces of the metal wire thread has generated, but the color of the face did not know better, do not like metal, let's give it some adjustments to make her look cool. Back to the 'head a copy of the' layer implementation of the menu - Image - adjust - to color, then the implementation of the menu - Image - Adjust - Color Balance, Levels parameter box in the order of input -25,0,15 (Figure 7).

Figure 07

8. Completed before the 'head and a copy of the 2' copy the one for 'head a copy of the 3', and placed in the top layer panel. Implementation of the menu - Filter - Fuzzy - Gaussian blur, radius of the fuzzy set to 8 pixels around, and this layer change the blend mode superposition (Fig. 8) that after the completion of the human face on the strength of the metal being .

Figure 08

9. Below the eyes to give them a change of color, to add some weird, alternative feel. First outlined with the pen tool face frontal eye eyes, and hook a good path into constituencies, the implementation of the menu - select - emergence, emergence of constituencies 1 pixel, so that changes color to make eyes even after Nenggen surrounding the integration of soft colors, and then back to 'head a copy of the' layers, the implementation of the menu - image - adjustments - color balance, color adjustment can be their own, do not show here (Fig. 9). Upon completion of the method of using sheep's head, the eyes of people on both sides to do color adjustment, after the completion of the command will use the curve 'head a copy of the' layers of color a little bit brighter, then the implementation of the menu - Image - adjust - brightness. Contrast, the brightness is set to -50, the contrast set to 40, so that people face after the completion of the metal effect is even more strongly (Figure 10).

Figure 09

Figure 10

10. Well, robot faces have basically almost the same, the following were the head of the mechanical parts to do with the wires. First to do both sides of the face of the section, select the pen tool to face down the dark side part of the filter were generated and subject to outline the path towards the curve (Figure 11). To 'head a copy of the' layer, the path is converted to constituencies, and copy the selected image, and then back to 'head a copy of the 3' layer, press CTRL + V, will copy the image into layers panel top, and renamed this layer 'part 1'. Then double click the layer, the layer style panel Gouxuan 'bevel and embossed' effect. The relief depth is set to 400%, the direction of choice 'under', the 'size' is set to 7 pixels, 'softening' is set to 4 pixels, then 'point' is set to 8 degrees, height is set to 51 degree, the other unchanged (Figure 12).

Figure 11

Figure 12


11. Will be 'part 1' to copy a layer for the 'part 1 copy' layer, the implementation of the menu - Edit - Free Transform, to copy the image slightly narrowed a bit, and put to such (Figure 13) position. Then this layer into two parts a 'part a copy of the' layer, then the implementation of the menu - filter - variegated - Add variegated, to enhance the effect of what parts of the material. The number is set to 10% variegated, select the Gaussian distribution, and Gouxuan monochrome options (Figure 14).

Figure 13

Figure 14

12. Select the eraser tool, this part inside edge of the image slightly rubbed short, it can be a reasonable integration with other image (Figure 15). Finished with the mop parts of the image after the copy of this as 'part one copy of a copy' layer and move it to the side of a side face the implementation of the menu - Edit - Transform - Flip Horizontal, when completed, will the image move the inside face position (Figure 16).

Figure 15

Figure 16

13. Well, following positive people face to do the mechanical part, methods similar to step 10, first along the face with a pen to outline the metal texture in the face of the parts attached to the path (Figure 17).

Figure 17

14. The path to convert the constituency, to the 'head a copy of the' layer, copy the constituency of the image, and copy the image into layers panel, the top level, and this paste with the new layer name to 'Part 2'. Double click this layer, the layer style panel Gouxuan 'projection' and 'slope relief' effect. The projection distance is set to 0 pixels, is set to expand 70%, the size is set to 8 pixels, other unchanged; then ramp the depth of relief is set to 500%, the size is set to 38 pixels, softening set to 2 pixels, and the abolition of global light settings, the angle set to 90 degrees, high set around 5 degrees, and change the gloss contour as the first row of the third style, the other unchanged. Completed after the implementation of the menu - filter - variegated - Add variegated, the number of variegated set to 5% (Figure 18).

Figure 18


15. In the Layers panel to create a new layer on top of it with the 'Part 2' layers merge, the merged layers renamed 'Part 2'. And then double-click this layer, the layer style panel Gouxuan 'projection' and 'slope relief' effect, the projection distance is set to 0 pixels, expansion is set to 70%, the size is set to 3 pixels, Others make no changes; then ramp the depth of relief is set to 200%, the size is set to 7 pixels, softening is set to 0, others unchanged, and this layer change the blend mode superposition. Then use the eraser tool to complete, this "part" wipe some gray around the image (Figure 19).

Figure 19

16. Well, face a large part basically completed, the following components to complete a small part. The top level in the layer panel to create a new layer, named 'part 3'. Select the brush tool, brush size set to 15 pixels, hardness is set to 100%, in the face point of three dots on the forehead, (Figure 20). Then select the eraser tool to brush size set to 6 pixels, the hardness is set to 100. Three dots at the center click erase color (Figure 21).

Figure 20

Figure 21

17. Double-click this layer, Gouxuan relief projection and slope effect, the projection distance is set to 0 pixels, the other remained unchanged; slope relief do not do to set the parameters, can be directly determined. This layer of mixed mode and change the overlay (Figure 22).

Figure 22

18. The most top layer panel to create a new layer, named the 'part 4'. Select the brush tool, brush size set to 30 pixels, hardness is set to 100%, in the left face of the sun position point point a point, use the Rectangular Marquee Tool, hold down the SHIFT horizontal and vertical in the middle of each round, variant two pixels, and to delete the selected area. Upon completion press CTRL + T and then hold down SHIFT to rotate 45 degrees round, then the Rectangular Marquee Tool, variant round two of the middle horizontal and vertical pixels, and remove the selection section (Figure 23). Then double-click this layer, the layer style panel Gouxuan slope relief effect, the distance is set to 1, softening is set to 0, others unchanged. Elliptical Marquee tool and then used to complete one part-framed and tracked, and remove (Figure 24).

Figure 23

Figure 24


19. This circular replication 3, press CTRL + T be proportionally reduced, and the head placed to the left of the face, after the completion of this four round parts of the layers merge, and layers Mixed mode is changed to 'light' (Figure 25).

Figure 25

20. Well, the left side of face parts basically completed, the following can add some text to it's face, the practice is not difficult, first use the text tool to enter text, good-bye to delete the text layer as an ordinary cell layer, and then were set with the lasso tool to select each word, then CTRL + T, according to the head one by one face of the arc of rotation to adjust the text position (Figure 26). Double-click the text after the completion of layers, Gouxuan slope relief effect, select the pillow embossed relief pattern, then size is set to 0 pixels, the other unchanged. Completed before the layer of mixed-mode changed to 'stack', and to reduce the layer opacity to 50% (Figure 27).

Figure 26

Figure 27

21. The right side of the face can also be used similar methods to be decorated, or you can import a graphic icon to do some of the existing decorations, only to change into after the layer of mixed mode or increase the effect of some of the layers can be made icon with the face to be more natural integration of the different effects of mixed-mode are also different (Figure 28), or a similar way than their own to do some small parts add up to make dotted (Figure 29).

Figure 28

Figure 29

22. Here the head of the robot to do the cables of the! Are also very simple, strokes plus a further layer styles can be buttoned a bit of rubbed. First panel in the top layer a new layer, named 'cable 1'. Select the Pen tool in the head neck area of a pen sketch the path (Figure 30). Then select the brush tool, brush size set to 10 pixels, hardness is set to 100%, and the foreground color set to gray. Then the path panel, click the panel below the 'Stroke path with foreground color' button. Stroke may pen path after delete (Figure 31).

Figure 30


Figure 31

23. Back to the Layers panel, Double click 'cable 1' layer, layer style in the pop-up panel Gouxuan 'ramp relief' with the 'gloss' effect.灏嗘诞闆曠殑娣卞害璁剧疆涓?00%锛屽彇娑堥槾褰变腑鐨勫叏灞?厜璁剧疆锛屽皢瑙掑害璁剧疆涓?105搴︼紝楂樺害璁剧疆涓?5搴︼紝鍏夋辰绛夐珮绾块?鎷╃浜屾帓绗?绉嶆牱寮忥紙鍥?2锛夈?杩欐牱瀹屾垚鍚庣殑鐢电紗灏辨湁绔嬩綋鎰熷強鍏夋辰銆佺汗鐞嗙殑鎰熻浜嗐?浣嗘槸锛屽彲浠ョ湅鍒扮數缂嗙殑涓ゅご涔熷悓鏃舵湁浜嗘诞闆曠殑鎰熻锛屼笖闈犺繎涓嬪反鐨勯偅涓?鐨勫厜娉藉お浜簡锛岃繖鏍峰氨浣垮緱鐢电紗璺熷ご閮ㄧ粨鍚堝緱涓嶈嚜鐒朵簡銆傛墍浠ュ緱鎶娾?鐢电紗鈥欎袱澶寸殑娴洉鍘婚櫎鎺夛紝鏂规硶灏辨槸鐢ㄦ鐨摝鎿﹂櫎锛屼絾鏄氨杩欐牱鎿︾殑璇濃?鐢电紗鈥欎笂鎵?叿鏈夌殑娴洉鏁堟灉浼氬悓鏃舵敼鍙樸?鍥犳锛屼笉鑳藉氨杩欐牱鐩存帴鎿﹂櫎锛岄偅鎬庝箞鍔烇紵涓嬮潰灏辨潵瑙e喅杩欎釜闂銆?br />

Figure 32


Figure 32

Figure 33


Figure 34


Figure 35



Figure 36


Figure 37


Figure 38

Figure 39


Figure 40

Figure 41



Figure 42

Figure 43

Figure 44


Figure 45


Figure 46

Figure 47


銆??34.璺緞鍕惧畬鍚庨?鎷╃敾绗斿伐鍏凤紝灏嗙敾绗旂洿寰勮缃负2涓薄绱狅紝纭害璁剧疆涓?00%锛屽啀瀵硅矾寰勮繘琛屾弿杈癸紝瀹屾垚鍚庢寜浣廋TRL鐐瑰嚮姝ゅ浘灞備娇杩欎簺绾挎鐨勯?鍖烘诞璧凤紝鐒跺悗鍐嶅洖鍒颁笅闈㈢矘璐寸殑鐢电紗娈电殑鍥惧眰锛屾寜DELETE鍒犻櫎閫夊尯閮ㄥ垎锛屽苟灏嗙嚎娈电殑鍥惧眰鍒犻櫎銆傦紙鍥?8锛夈?瀹屾垚鍚庣敤榧犳爣鍙屽嚮鐢电紗娈电殑鍥惧眰锛屽湪鍥惧眰鏍峰紡闈㈡澘涓挬閫夆?鎶曞奖鈥欒窡鈥樺唴闃村奖鈥欐晥鏋滐紝灏嗘姇褰辩殑璺濈銆佹墿灞曘?澶у皬鍏ㄩ儴璁剧疆涓?锛屽叾瀹冧笉鍙橈紝鍐嶅皢鍐呴槾褰辩殑鍏ㄥ眬鍏夎缃彇娑堬紝灏嗚搴﹁缃负-35搴︼紝璺濈璁剧疆涓?涓薄绱狅紝闃诲涓?%锛屽ぇ灏忚缃负2涓薄绱狅紝鍏跺畠涓嶅彉銆傚畬鎴愬悗鍐嶆墽琛岃彍鍗?缂栬緫-鑷敱鍙樻崲锛屾寜浣廠HIFT灏嗘鐢电紗娈靛浘璞″悓姣斾緥鏀惧ぇ涓?簺锛屽苟鍙墽琛岃彍鍗?鍥捐薄-鍙樻崲-鑹插僵骞宠 锛屽皢姝ょ數缂嗘鐨勯鑹茬◢鍋氭敼鍙橈紝骞跺皢姝ゅ浘灞傜殑娣峰悎妯″紡鏇存敼涓衡?鍙犲姞鈥欙紙鍥?9锛夈?

Figure 48

Figure 49


Figure 50

Figure 51


Figure 52


Figure 53


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